Gateway Sports Academy & Sports Performance Training


Leadership Academy

The Leadership Academy motivates and encourages young men and women to aspire to high goals in the areas of academics, athletics, and social skills. We offer them the opportunity to develop qualities of leadership, sportsmanship, competitiveness, and the drive for excellence through academic and athletic programs. We also establish support through teamwork with the family, teachers, counselors, and positive role models.

Educational Services

A major priority of Gateway Sports Academy is to ensure that student-athletes progress toward a meaningful college degree. It is our goal that they learn to balance the demands of being both a student and a athlete as they grow and develop. Student-athletes need to learn ways to budget time and energy as they combine practice and competition with academics. Because of their unique demands, some student-athletes need academic assistance.

  • Academic Enhancement Classes
  • ACT Test Preparation  
  • NCAA Clearinghouse Workshops
  • Sports Nutrition Seminar
  • Leadership Workshop
  • Mental Conditioning and Time Management
  • Rigorous College Prep Curriculum
  • Evaluate High School Transcript
  • TOEFL Test Preparation
  • Academic Manual




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