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Collegiate Marketing

Every year hundreds of qualified student-athletes are overlooked and denied the opportunity to compete at the college level. Do not let this happen to you, know the facts.

FACT - Hundreds of college coaches are searching for athletes but lack the resources to locate them.

FACT - If you are not receiving mailings on a regular basis, you are NOT being seriously recruited.

FACT - If college coaches are not calling you, you are NOT being seriously recruited.

FACT - College coaches must know who you are, if you expect to be recruited.

Gateway Sports Academy Marketing can help:


Our goal is to provide individualized service and support to student-athletes who have the desire to play athletics at the collegiate level. We want to assist you by providing the most effective service to increase your chances of receiving a scholarship. We want you to take advantage of all our resources and experiences in helping you get to the next level.


Below is a brief description of the services provided by Gateway Sports Academy Marketing. Services will include individualized consultation during the entire recruiting process. If you are serious about getting recruited, these services will give you the exposure necessary to increase your chances of getting a scholarship.


  • Individual Consultations
  • Cover Letter
  • Highlight Video
  • Unlimited phone calls to college coaches
  • Recruiting Manual
  • College Exposure Events/Summer Camps Information

Additional Services

  • Individual consultation about your athletic potential
  • Unlimited personal counseling regarding the recruiting process
  • Academic counseling
  • Financial aid assistance
  • Recruiting calendar




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